Clear Feedback Helps Growth

When giving feedback to colleagues, we often hear people using words that are either ambiguous or internal. For example: • Ambiguous “Be more strategic.” • Internal “Be more confident.” These words are open to interpretation. The person on the receiving end is...

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Training’s Most Persistent Myth

The myth that only 7% of the meaning in a spoken message comes from the words (with 38% from voice tone and 55% from facial expression) rampantly persists amongst facilitators of communication training and leadership development. This message is alarmingly retained as...

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Feedback is Crucial for Success

Do you shy away from giving colleagues feedback? You’re not alone! Almost everyone appreciates receiving feedback, and yet, is reticent to give it. Normally, we withhold feedback to protect ourselves. Next time, ask yourself: • Does the person trust you and your...

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Enhancing Resilience

All of us can enhance our resilience through conserving or replenishing our energy. Here are five ways to do this: 1. Be optimistic - retain your energy by focussing on the positives. 2. Have a can do approach - don’t lose energy by blaming yourself for setbacks,...

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Teams with trust at the core, thrive.

To dial up the level of trust within your team: 1. Show a genuine interest in all team members. 2. Share your time, resources and ideas. 3. Listen, even when it’s uncomfortable to do so. 4. Work collaboratively and give others due...

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Accelerating Team Performance

When supporting teams to improve their dynamics or performance, most people use Patrick Lencioni’s The Five Dysfunctions of a Team. If you are looking for a comprehensive alternative, we would recommend the Team Performance Model by Drexler and Sibbet (Grove). The...

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Organisational Resilience

One of the best and most readable cases about organisational change and resilience - "Transforming Nokia: The Power of Paranoid Optimism to Lead Through Colossal Change". This is the story of Nokia’s collapse from the mobile phone market’s gargantuan leader to its...

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Conserving Team Energy Enhances Resilience

What do teams that thrive have in common? We’ve found the two most important characteristics are trust and resilience. To enhance resilience, it’s helpful to think about resilience as energy. As a starter, here are some practical ways to conserve your energy: 1. Give...

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Mindfulness – are you wondering what this is?

The foundations of mindfulness are firmly rooted in Buddhist philosophies and practices, and have been for more than 3,000 years. As Dr Travis Kemp FAPS, FAICD put it “mindfulness is a contemporary label for a timeless practice”. ellen langer, an acknowledged pioneer...

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Modelling Trust at Meetings

Leaders are positively intentioned - they aim to be fair, transparent and effective. And yet, surveys consistently show that around two-thirds of employees don’t trust their leader, negatively impacting engagement and performance levels. As a leader, what can you do...

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Resilience to Prosilience

A great book to recommend to you by a former colleague and one of the world’s authorities on Resilience - Linda Hoopes. Linda has researched, consulted and educated tens of thousands of people for well over 20 years in the fields of personal, team and organisational...

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