Do you shy away from giving colleagues feedback? You’re not alone! Almost everyone appreciates receiving feedback, and yet, is reticent to give it. Normally, we withhold feedback to protect ourselves. Next time, ask yourself:
• Does the person trust you and your motives? We listen to the advice of people we trust.
• Do you think the person can make a change? Feedback should provide clear direction.
If yes, have the courage to break the chain holding you back. Remember to include three elements:
1. The specific feedback “When you…”
2. The impact on you “I felt…”
3. The actionable advice “I think it would be helpful if you…”
Giving feedback is a characteristic of high performing resilient teams. The team members readily and directly give one another constructive feedback, rather than allowing frustrations to build up, depleting energy and trust.
To encourage a culture of feedback, when someone gives you feedback that you value, let them know.

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